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Toy Train Adventures for Cygnet

  • Engage your youngest and most challenging clients
  • Array of colorful objects and playful experience
  • Make the train speed up, toot the horn, collect gems
  • 8 settings, each with 4 different gem arrangements
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Collect all of the gems in this colorful and playful new game.The array of colorful gems and playful experience will be exciting to even your most challenging autistic clients.

There are 8 settings to choose from, each with 4 different gem arrangements, giving you a total of 32 levels that are sure to engage even your youngest clients! They will love collecting the gems and moving from one level to the next.

When staying above reward, the train moves fast giving off lots of colorful smoke and keeps the gems large and easy to collect. Staying below inhibit clears the fog and keeps the music loud. You will hear the train's whimsical "toot" when your client is both above reward and below inhibit.

  • Camera View: Choose between static or moving train/first person camera view
  • Smoke Color: Color of the smoke varies in relation to reward
  • Gem Size: The gems change size when the reward changes
  • Engine Sound: Engine sounds change with reward amplitude
  • Whimsical Toot: Choose between loud, normal, quiet or off
  • Music Volume: Set to loud, quiet or off
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