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WaveGuard Electrode Board Adapter

  • Allows for easy, 1-plug, WaveGuard cap hook-up
  • Leave the individual DIN plugs plugged in to unit
  • Works with a variety of multi-channel EEG monitors
  • Standard set up for 19 channel EEG units
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ANT XS-301
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The WaveGuard Electrode Board Adapter converts the EEG instrument from individual electrodes to the WaveGuard cap. Adapts to allow caps to work with a variety of multi-channel EEG monitors.

Each wire and phone tip has the corresponding head location clear on each cable for easy identification. Once the adapter is plugged into the machine, a single plug connects the appropriate cap. This allows you to individually plug each electrode into any kind of EEG unit. Works with a variety of multi-channel EEG monitors.

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  1. dain

    2021-02-15 05:55:55

    Hello I have a few questions about this product (waveguard electrdoe board adapter)

    1. Does this product get an bio compatible certification such as USP class or ISO 10993?

    2. Is this product compatible with EVERY EEG machine? I mean the DIN connector part

    1 answer
    1. Brian Milstead

      2021-02-15 17:03:18

      You should check that info with the manufacturer ANT Neuro.

      This EEG cap adapter is compatible with systems that have 19 channels of EEG 1.5MM DIN plugs

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