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  1. Disposable Sponge Disks for Electro-Caps
    Disposable Sponge Disks for Electro-Caps (pkg. of 100) Foam circles with adhesive backing used on the forehead or on any other hairless areas. The sponge disks are approx 1 1/4 inch round and the center hole is a bit bigger than 1/4 inch. Learn More
  2. WaveGuard Electrode Board Adapter
    The WaveGuard Electrode Board Adapter converts the EEG instrument from individual electrodes to the WaveGuard cap. Adapts to allow caps to work with a variety of multi-channel EEG monitors. Learn More
  3. Electro-Cap 3 1/2" DIN Ear Clips
    Specially designed ear clips typically used with Lexicor style Electro-cap with ear leads. 3 1/2 inch DIN Style EEG ear clips. For Lexicor style Electro-caps with ear leads. Standard 1.5mm DIN socket. This short ear lead plugs into the DIN socket on the cap. Learn More
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  4. Single Red 40 inch Snap Lead for GSR/SR (GP4 & GP8 ONLY)
    Single Red 40 inch Snap Lead for GSR/SR (GP4 & GP8 ONLY) Learn More
  5. BVP/HRV Finger Sensor for Physiocom GP-4 , GP-8 & GP-12
    Blood Volume Pulse (BVP) Finger Sensor for GP-4 , GP-8 and GP-12 biofeedback devices from Physiocom Designs (formerly J&J Engineering). Can be used for Heart Rate Variability (HRV) training Learn More
  6. Respiration Sensor Belt for GP8 - GP4 - Magnetic
    Physiocom Magnetic Respiration Sensor Belt for the GP series of biofeedback devices. Learn More
  7. nIR HEG Headband and Cable for Neurobit Systems
    Toomim style HEG(Hemoencephalography)Headband for nIRS (Near infrared spectroscopy). The nIR ("near infra red") HEG (hemo-encephalography) headband measures brain blood oxygenation(blood color) using oximeter principles under the patent from Biocomp Research Laboratories. It can be used differentially (across the forehead from F7 to F8 (in the 10-20 system) according to particular training objectives. Designed for the Neurobit Optima 2 and 4 channel EEG/HEG units. Learn More
  8. EEG Blunt Needle & Syringe Kit - 2 needles 1 syringe
    Needle / Syringe Kit (2-16g blunted needles; 1 syringe) (sterile). Learn More
  9. Infa-Body Harness
    The Electro-cap Infa-Body Harness is an adjustable elastic band that fastens around the patient's chest with hook and loop fastener. Cap straps attach the cap to the body harness. Learn More
  10. Infa-Cap III
    Electro-Cap International Infa-Cap III (34-38 cm) (Brown) (Modified System). These caps have an abbreviated electrode placements consisting of F1, F2, C3, C4, 01,02, T3, T4, Cz and ground. Learn More
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