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Gold Monopolar / Bipolar EEG Cup & Ear Clip Kit - DIN Style

  • DIN style leads for mono & bipolar EEG placements
  • Includes 2 gold ear clips & 2 gold cup sensors
  • 22 inch lead wires
  • Terminated with a 1.5mm DIN safety plug
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TTL T8751
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DIN style gold EEG leads for DIN Cable. Includes DIN style leads for both Monopolar and Bipolar EEG placements. Includes (2) Gold Ear Clips and (2) Gold Cup sensors - Approximately 22.5" in length. Terminated with a 1.5mm (.060) DIN safety plug.

These Thought Technology EEG cup leads and ear clips can be used with any system the uses 1.5mm DIN Connectors. they also plug directly into the T8740 DIN Extender led for use with Thought Technology EEG and EEG-Z sensors. This kit allows for a Monopolar or Bipolar EEG connection

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To connect T8740 to FlexPro EEG or FlexPro EEG-Z sensor from Thought Technology:
Insert the extender cable in the sensor head, making sure to align the guiding dot on the cable connector with the groove on the sensor head.

To place:
Generously fill the electrode cups with EEG conductive paste. Apply electrodes on subject, respecting the polarity as shown in the corresponding diagram.

Monopolar Placement Bipolar Placement


  • (2) Gold Ear Clips sensors - 1.5mm DIN
  • (2) Gold Cup Sensors - 1.5mm DIN


90 Day manufacturer warranty.