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  1. DIN Style EEG Jumper Adapter for Linked Ears
    For linked ear reference or for common reference. Allows one or two electrodes to be connected to one or two inputs. 1.5mm (.060). Learn More
  2. BD Luer-Lok Tip Syringes - 10mL
    10cc/mL Syringe (sterile). Sold individually. For use with blunted needles for Electro-Caps. Works great for EEG Electro-gel. Larger size for less refilling of the syringe. Learn More
  3. 1089ES Checktrode Impedance Meter
    The UFI 1089ES all you to rapidly check applied electrode contact impedance of multiple electrode configurations. Ideal for electrode configurations found in Cranial EEG caps. Has 25 pin connector for Electro-Cap 19 channel cap connection. Learn More
  4. 1089 MKIII Checktrode Impedance Meter
    The 1089 Mark III EEG impedance meter provides quick and easy evaluation of total electrode contact impedance and offset voltage between two electrodes. Learn More
  5. 10/20 BraiNet Placement Caps
    Color-coded template with 21 scalp electrode placement locations. Designed to aid in rapid, accurate placement of full 10/20 system of scalp electrode placement. Learn More

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  6. Retractable Head Measuring Tape
    EEG Head Tape Measure with centimeters and inches for fitting WaveGuard Caps. Part # ANT XC-117 Learn More
  7. Disposable Sponge Disks for Electro-Caps
    Disposable Sponge Disks for Electro-Caps (pkg. of 100) Part # E6. Foam circles with adhesive backing used on the forehead or on any other hairless areas. The sponge disks are approx 1 1/4 inch round and the center hole is a bit bigger than 1/4 inch. Learn More
  8. BVP/HRV Finger Sensor for Physiocom GP-4 , GP-8 & GP-12 - High-Grade Clip Type
    Blood Volume Pulse (BVP) Finger Sensor for GP-4 , GP-8 and GP-12 biofeedback devices from Physiocom Designs (formerly J&J Engineering). Can be used for Heart Rate Variability (HRV) training Learn More
  9. WaveGuard Electrode Board Adapter
    The WaveGuard Electrode Board Adapter converts the EEG instrument from individual electrodes to the WaveGuard cap. Adapts to allow caps to work with a variety of multi-channel EEG monitors. Learn More
  10. Gold Monopolar / Bipolar EEG Cup & Ear Clip Kit - DIN Style
    DIN style gold EEG leads for DIN Cable. Includes DIN style leads for both Monopolar and Bipolar EEG placements. Includes (2) Gold Ear Clips and (2) Gold Cup sensors - Approximately 22.5" in length. Terminated with a 1.5mm (.060) DIN safety plug. Learn More
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