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BrainMaster Atlantis Mini-Q II

  • Provides automatic control of sensor site selection
  • Software supported session control & data collection
  • Uses standard 19/20 channel EEG headgear
  • Works with Atlantis 2x2, 4x4 devices
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The Atlantis MINI-Q II works with the Atlantis 2x2 and 4x4 devices, and provides automatic control of sensor site selection, and software support for session control and data collection. It uses a standard 19 or 20 channel ElectroCap or compatible EEG headgear.

Up to 16 channels can be gathered on a 2x2 device, providing built-in data analysis, and normative assessment, topographic maps, and connectivity maps with the optional NeuroGuide software. Up to 20 channels can be gathered on a 4x4 device, and in half the time of the 2- channel device. 19 channels can be collected in 5 passes using the Atlantis 4x4, providing whole-head assessments.

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With the MINI-Q II, it is possible to acquire 2 or 4 selectable channels of EEG for assessment or training purposes. It is particularly useful with Live Z Score Training, as a way to select sensor sites quickly and accurately.

The MINI-Q II has 8 positions, and can switch 2 or 4 channels per position. With a 2-channel device, it is possible to gather the standard 12-channel assessment data from Fz, Cz, F3, F4, C3, C4. P3, P4, T3, T4, O1, O2 for direct analysis, or for use with existing third-party software such as NeuroGuide, DCN128, or New Mind.

In addition, the MINI-Q II can be used to gather 16 homologous sites from a 2-channel device (F3. F4, F7, F8, C3, C4, P3, P4, T3, T4, T5, T6, O1, O1), and produce topographic maps using NeuroGuide 2.4 or later. When used with a 4-channel device, the MINI-Q II gathers data in half the time, and thus provides more complete coverage. It is also possible to produce full 19 or 20-channel assessments with the MINI-Q II and the Atlantis 4x4.

Advanced MINI-Q II support is provided in the 3.0 software including the new Session Wizard which provides advanced session design functions. Sessions can now be designed with variable run length, automated user-programmable prompts and pauses, and real-time control of signal processing and feedback.

Assessment and training can now be combined in complex sessions that manage the user interface as well as signal processing and feedback. Built-in EEG data analysis and statistical recording is fully automated and requires no user intervention. MINIQ II includes optional license for Session Wizard software.

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