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BrainSurfer for NeuroGuide [SURF]

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BrainSurfer is 3-D neuroimaging of Functional Brain Networks, sLORETA of Brodmann Areas, and sLORETA of Networks in real-time.

With BrainSurfer you are able to train not only Broadmann Areas, but the linkages between them, making BrainSurfer a one-of-a-kind tool to train and reinforce brain network stability.

BrainSurfer includes 3-dimensional real-time 'Live' BrainSurfer Z Score. Live Z scores of nodes and connections between nodes as measured by sLORETA Coherence and sLORETA Phase Differences.sLORETA Z Score coherence

  • sLORETA Z Score phase difference
  • sLORETA phase reset
  • Phase shift and lock Z Scores
  • sLORETA Z Score Current Density
  • Real-time current density Z Scores
  • Graph metric Z Scores
  • Protocols can be entered manually or generated automatically using the Symptom Checklist

Requires: NeuroGuide

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