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Neurobit Optima + 2 Channel - USB

  • Cost effective Bio & Neurofeedback System
  • Compatible with Bioexplorer Software
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • nIR HEG capable (with Headband)
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This portable, versatile yet affordable physiological data acquisition equipment can be used in many applications.

Neurobit Optima + 2 Channel - USB is a highly integrated, multimodal device enabling measurements of physiological signals for psychological training, scientific research, education and similar applications. It comes equipped with 2 versatile, accurate, low noise measurement channels with individually configurable functions, sampling rates, frequency characteristics and other parameters.


  • 2 high speed channels (up to 2000 sps)
  • Medical grade galvanic isolation from computer for safety and low interference
  • Extension port for nIR HEG
  • Built-in impedance checking
  • Channels have individual reference inputs, with connections to reference configured in software
  • Configurable filters to increase immunity to external interference

Software Compatibility

  • Bioexplorer
  • BioEra
  • Mind-Body Trainin Tools
  • BrainBay
  • Neurobit Recorder - Included freeware for physiological signal recording in EDF and text files, which can be imported into many applications, such as EEGLAB for Matlab or Excel.

Available Neurobit API allows for integration with new software.

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  1. Zachary Mitchell

    2021-06-03 16:58:11

    Is this amp compatible with EEGer now?

    1 answer
    1. Brian Milstead

      2021-06-08 21:55:43

      We do not sell the EEGer software or hardware so I am not sure. They have specific licenses for their units.

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    2019-10-25 10:57:44

    Does Optima have the FDA registration?

    1 answer
    1. Brian Milstead

      2019-11-22 21:18:42

      The Optima is not FDA registered

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  3. John Nash PhD LP

    2019-10-23 00:07:08

    What specific electrodes do you recommend for EEG? Do you have a recommended brand? I'm not convinced SCP or very low frequency training can be done practically outside the lab, because of skin current artifact, so I don't normally use sintered AgCl pellets and do feedback in the 1 - 400 Hz range. But I'd like your suggestion. Looks like a beautiful instrument.

    And for EMG for use with snap-in disposable self-adhesive electrodes?

    1 answer
    1. Brian Milstead

      2019-11-22 21:38:33

      We carry a variety or EEG electrodes. Sintered are the best . As for EMG electrodes I'd suggest the GS27

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Manuals and Data Sheets

Neurobit Optima Features and Data Sheet