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  1. Particle Editor 3 For IOM and Alive
    Particle Editor 3 allows you to open, modify, save and design an unlimited number of displays that respond to changes in your state, thoughts, emotions and breathing. - 20-use Free trial Learn More
  2. Synchrony for Cygnet
    2-Channel Synchrony is the new and improved version of the former 2-Channel Sum Application in Cygnet. It uses a collection of environments, with a unique blend of background music and visuals, to promote and support meditative states which can lead to a deeper sense of relaxation and mental clarity. Learn More
  3. HEG AutoBaseline Training for BioExplorer
    This is an automated design for increasing blood oxygenation/metabolism to selected brain areas using threshold-based feedback of the HEG measure to control FLASH, DVD, MPEG, AVI video, MP3, WAV and/or MIDI sound. The threshold is defined by an automatic baseline capture after 70 seconds without feedback. If the user maintains a level of 10% or more above baseline or 2% or more below baseline for 20 seconds the baseline is automatically reset, so the system will continue to challenge throughout the condition. An EVENT button can be pressed to mark on a trend graph and on statistics an interesting moment during training for review later. Learn More
  4. Particle Editor for BrainMaster
    The 3rd Version of the Particle Editor Game. Particle Editor for BrainMaster allows virtually limitless design possibilities. Activate feedback elements from BrainMaster to control the dancing particles and make them move into new shapes and patterns. Learn More
  5. BioExplorer Tutorial
    A complete BASICS of BIOEXPLORER manual, updated to version 1.4 Beta of the software. Over 100 pages of interlinked HTML for easy cross-referencing, this user's manual is an excellent complement to BioExplorer's built-in Help menu. Learn More
  6. Stress Control Suite for Biograph Infiniti
    Use classic protocols and objective measures to teach your clients stress control and relaxation skill. Learn More
  7. Infiniti v6.0 Upgrade with EEG Suite
    Infiniti version 6.0 and EEG Suite package deal. Limited time offer. Learn More
  8. Infiniti v6.0 Upgrade with Physiology Suite
    Infiniti version 6.0 and Physiology Suite package deal. Limited time offer. For Windows 7 & Windows 8 systems. Learn More
  9. Reaction Time Suite for Thought Technology Infiniti
    The Reaction Time Suite includes both continuous performance testing (CPT) and real sports reaction time training. (For use with BioGraph Infiniti 5.1.1 or later, for ProComp5/ProComp8/FlexComp8) Part# SA7945 Learn More
  10. BioGraph-X Infiniti Animations DVD
    BioGraph-X Infiniti AVI Animation DVD (T7081) offers over 200 animations to enhance your training sessions. The add-on is compiled of a variety of animations from nature, to fractals and games. In addition, there are animations that, when placed side by side, will appear as one, such as the multiple car race, allowing the clinician to link each animation to a different criteria and have the client compete against themselves. Learn More
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