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  1. 360 Suite for Biograph Infiniti
    Five key body systems are covered with the 360’s assessment and self-regulation tools. All you need to do is what you’re already good at: discuss your client’s symptoms and goals. Based on their situation, select the appropriate system and we take care of the rest with tailored evaluation and training. Learn More
    Now Only $355.50 Regular Price $395.00
  2. BioGraph+Infiniti v6 Suite - Full Infiniti Software Upgrade
    Update your Biograph or Multitrace software to the most current Infiniti Software or add Infiniti software to Neurocare Pro, BioIntegrator or EEG spectrum system. Learn More
    Now Only $855.00 Regular Price $950.00
  3. BioGraph Infiniti 6 Software Upgrade
    Requires previous version of BioGraph Infiniti software. Please provide serial # when ordering. If you have more than one device, each unit needs it's own upgrade to function with version 6. Learn More
    Now Only $270.00 Regular Price $300.00
  4. BioExplorer Software v1.7
    100% of 100
    The BioExplorer is a Windows program for real-time biophysical data acquisition, processing, and display. The real power of BioExplorer comes from the ability to connect signal processing and display objects any way you want. Includes BioReview for post-session review recording the time, date, electrode locations, and subject name with each session. Learn More
    Now Only $382.50 Regular Price $425.00
  5. Peak Performance Suite for Biograph Infiniti
    The Peak Performance Suite is a complete array of psychophysiological tools designed to help athletes, soldiers, business leaders and artists improve their performance. Learn More
    Now Only $265.50 Regular Price $295.00
  6. BIOMAX BioBlast Game for Biograph
    The most awesome biofeedback game to date. Learn More
    Now Only $89.10 Regular Price $99.00
  7. ProComp Infiniti Slow Cortical Potential Suite for v6.0
    The Slow Cortical Potential (SCP) suite is designed to help clinicians do specialized brainwave biofeedback using slow cortical potentials and implements a training protocol defined by pioneering researcher Ute Strehl at the University of Tubingen in Germany*. Learn More
    Now Only $265.50 Regular Price $295.00
  8. BrainDx qEEG Report Generator
    BrainDx IS a modular system that allows evaluation of brain function on many levels of analysis which can assist in the classification of an individual in terms of psychiatric disorders and neurological conditions. BrainDx is an lifetime subscription. Learn More
  9. Sterman Operant Conditioning Suite
    These training protocols are designed to have instantaneous feedback, with use of between 1 and 4 EEG channels. Dr. Barry Sterman, the original pioneer in the field of neurofeedback training, shares his style of operant conditioning neurofeedback in this software BFE Suite. This software suite includes a collection of pre-defined training sessions based on Dr. Sterman's clinical experience. Learn More
    Now Only $294.00 Regular Price $300.00
  10. Z-Score Neurofeedback Add-on for Infiniti - Version 6 and above - 4 Channel
    Dr. Thatchers' Z-Score Neurofeedback Database for the Infiniti EEG Suite v6.0 or higher. 4 channel. Learn More
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