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Synergy Solution System with eVu TPS

  • Integrates BioGraph Infiniti software and the eVu TPS sensor
  • Measure data from 2 individuals simultaneously (requires 2 TPS units)
  • Effectively guide family therapy, couples counselling, and group dynamics
  • Quantify empathy, maintain engagement, and guide open communication
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The Synergy Solution is a tool designed to measure and interpret your clients’ stress markers in a group setting, as well as teach them stress management and resilience via biofeedback therapy. The goal of the Synergy Solution is to allow you, the therapist, to harness this approach even if you have had little or no prior experience with a stress measurement tool.

  • Perfect tool to effectively guide family therapy, couples counselling, and group dynamics.
  • Gamify self-regulation practice for athletes with biofeedback and competitive training.
  • Stop guessing if the patients are taking the group therapy to heart. Synergy Solution allows you to measure their progress and understand their reactions to each other.

With this package, you will be able to:

  • Monitor autonomic nervous system arousal levels related to group dynamics simultaneously.
  • Teach self-regulation with biofeedback.
  • Teach tension and anxiety reduction strategies with simple relaxation techniques.
  • Employ the competitive and cooperative nature of group settings into the therapy, for greater engagement and entertainment.

The Synergy Solution works with Thought Technology’s clinical grade physiological data acquisition device: the eVu-TPS finger sensor. The TPS sensor measures arousal (skin conductance), temperature, and heart rate variability.

The Synergy Solution offers three session choices for the group recording, as well as a report of how the clients fared in relation to each other. Each session, and the available displays screens included in that session, are designed to focus on particular aspect(s) of the physiological markers of stress or self-regulation.

  • Group Dynamics & Monitoring consists of 5 screens observing changes in physiology of the clients. It is intended to be as numerically informative as possible, with line graphs and trends. This session is best for the therapist that wants to observe stress reactions, and provide their own interpretation and feedback to the participants. Uses of this include be simple data monitoring, observing group dynamics related to couples/group therapy, and research.
  • Biofeedback Cooperative consists of 5 screens that encourage self-regulation through feedback. All the clients must achieve their individual feedback goals in order for the group to receive the positive feedback reward. This session exemplifies group training by encourages success as a group.
  • Biofeedback Competitive consists of 4 screens that encourage self-regulation through feedback. All the clients are competing to achieve their individual feedback goals and rewards. This session exemplifies group training through competitiveness.
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  • eVu TPS wireless sensor - TTL T4500
  • Synergy Solution Suite software - TTL SA4511
  • BioGraph Infiniti Software

Manuals and Data Sheets

Synergy Solutions Suite User Manual

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eVu TPS User Manual


1 Year manufacturer warranty.