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Upgrade from a GSR2 to a GSR/Temp2X

  • Upgrade your GSR2 to measure & display temperature
  • Dual-sensitivity analog meter for GSR or temperature
  • Remote electrodes for hand-free GSR biofeedback
  • Temperature probe
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TTL T2125M
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The T2125M upgrade from GSR2 to GSR/Temp2X is for people who already have a GSR2.

The GSR2 upgrade kit is designed for people have the GSR2 and want the additional flexibility and benefits of the GSR/Temp2X accessories.

The GSR2/Temp2X includes a temperature sensor for monitoring heat levels in extremities. Stress also reduces blood flow to the hands, causing cooling.

The GSR/Temp 2X (T2120) home biofeedback system allows you to do "hand warming" biofeedback in addition to training with the GSR2 monitor, temperature sensor, body sensors for hands-free use, dual-sensitivity meter, earphone, instruction manual and a CD with a short relaxation program.

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  • Temperature probe.
  • Remote electrodes for hand-free GSR biofeedback
  • The accessories do not require a battery
  • A dual-sensitivity analog meter for visual feedback of either GSR or temperature


1 Year manufacturer warranty.

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