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WaveRider JR 2cx (60 hz)

  • Great for doing neurofeedback at home
  • 2 low-noise multi-modality channels
  • 3rd-channel dedicated GSR/skin resistance signal
  • Includes BioExplorer software, 5 sEMG leads, finger GSR
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The WaveRider 2cx offers 2 low-noise multi-modality channels for monitoring brainwave EEG, Heart Rate or sEMG muscle activity. A third channel is dedicated the GSR/skin resistance signal.

WaveRider 2cx Hardware
  • Two low noise channels monitor EEG brain wave, heart rate or sEMG muscle signals
  • One dedicated GSR channel reads skin resistance
  • Connects to serial port of computer
  • Battery operated
  • Optically isolated
BioExplorer Software
  • Runs on Windows 7 +
  • Easy to use
  • Sound variables include notes, scales, pitch, key, volume, and instrument choice
  • Visual outputs include bars, graphs, spectrogram, and meters
  • Feedback modes include conditional, proportional, conditional/proportional, dominant frequency, and coherence
  • Heart Rate, sEMG Muscle, GSR/Skin Resistance
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The WaveRider 2cx features include music, tones, graphs, bars, and spectrogram, as well as raw and processed data. The WaveRider 2cx also includes many popular protocols for easy start-up. Point-and-click programmability means quick development of complex custom protocols.

The Wave Rider 2cx is designed for the home or experimental user.

  • WaveRider 2cx hardware (pictured above)
  • BioExplorer Software
  • Serial to USB adapter
  • Two EEG scalp electrodes
  • Two EEG ear electrodes
  • Two sEMG lead wires
  • Finger clips for GSR
  • Ten20 paste
  • NuPrep gel
  • Serial cable
  • Jumper cable
  • Three 6-packs of disposable sEMG/EKG sensors
  • Operator Manual

Manuals and Data Sheets

WaveRider JR

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