Zukor's Sports 1

  • Includes 10 games from 5 different sports
  • Feedback game for biofeedback and neurofeedback training
  • Simple gameplay action focused on accuracy
  • Individual patient profiles and score tracking
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Zukor's Sports1 is a clinical and peak performance feedback game which includes 10 popular mainstream sports games. It uses simple gameplay action focused on "accuracy" with a central visual focus.

Standard Features

  • Supports All Modalities
  • 1-16 Events Modality Presets
  • Modality Editor -Auditory Feedback
  • Patient Profiles
  • Points-based Unlocking

Sports included

  • Baseball Pitching
  • Baseball Batting
  • Basketball Free Throw
  • Basketball 3-Point
  • Football Passing
  • Football Field Goal
  • Hockey Penalty Shot
  • Hockey Accuracy Shooting
  • Soccer Penalty Shot
  • Soccer Juggling

Feedback Messages Zukor's Sports 1 includes Zukor's new Feedback Messages feature which allows clinicians to set event-based custom messages for patients, such as "Please Relax", "Focus", "Stop Moving", "Breath", "Chill Out", "Pay Attention", etc.

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