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DIN EKG/EMG/EEG Snap Leads - 24 inch

  • 1.5mm DIN connectors with snap-style receptacles
  • 24 inch lead wires
  • Santoprene strain-reliefs extend cable life
  • 3 leads. AHA/AAMI. Red, black, white
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EMG/EEG/ECG leads, features MedSafe 1.5mm (.060) DIN connectors with snap style receptacles. 24 inch length leads, 3 per package. AHA/ AAMI standard colors for 3 lead placement. Colors Red, Black and White.

Snap - Low profile, insert molded Santoprene® (TPE) snap leads offer secure attachment to snap electrodes. Classic teardrop design reduces tangling and increases patient comfort.

Strain Relief - Uniquely designed, molded Santoprene® strain reliefs are designed to extend life expectancy of leads with improved flexibility.

Leadwire - Latex-free Santoprene® insulation is impervious to most cleaning solvents and can be sterilized using most common methods: gamma irradiation and EtO. These unshielded leadwires features 65-strand conductor, Santoprene® jacket for increased flexibility and flex life. By using the same material for molding flex reliefs and in the jacket, the maximum bond is achieved between components.

Socket - Recessed lead wire sockets are molded of Santoprene® over a gold plated 1.5mm BeCu spring contact and meet the requirements of DIN 42-802 and ANSI/AAMI EC53 specifications.

Santoprene® rubber, which is latex free, is compatible with most cleaning solvents and can be sterilized using most common methods: gamma irradiation and EtO.

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Color Coding

Color coding indicates the part of the body where leads are attached. AHA/ AAMI (American Hospital Association/Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) is used in the U.S., while IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) is used in Europe and other parts of the world.

The table below shows the color coding standards for both AHA/AAMI and the IEC standards.

Left Arm Black - LA Yellow - L
Right Arm White - RA Red - R
Left Leg Red - LL Green - F
Right Leg Green - RL Black - N
Chest Brown - C White - C
Chest position V4 Blue - V4
Chest position V5 Orange - V5

AHA/AAMI and the IEC Cables sets we offer

Set Type 1 2 3 4 5 Length Part #
3 Leads IEC R F L 40 Inch BMI TDE209
3 Leads AHA/AAMI RA LL LA 24 Inch BMI TDE205
3 Leads AHA/AAMI RA LL LA 40 Inch BMI TDE208
3 Leads AHA/AAMI RA LL LA 60 Inch BMI TDE211
5 Leads AHA/AAMI RA LL LA RL C 24 Inch BMI TDE204
5 Leads AHA/AAMI RA LL LA RL C 40 Inch BMI TDE210
5 Leads AHA/AAMI RA LL LA RL C 60 Inch BMI TDE213

If you would like a custom cable kit or other lengths please contact us.