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GS26 Pre-gelled Disposable sEMG Electrodes - 150 pack

  • 10mm flat pellet Ag/AgCl viewing area
  • Paper thin, clear, self-adhesive discs
  • Pre-gelled with 0.5% saline base gel
  • Use with any snap-on style electrode cable
Our Part #
BMI GS26150
Manufacturer Part #

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The GS26 has a snap on style electrode pellet, pre-gelled with a .5 percent saline base gel and embedded into a paper thin, clear self adhesive disc. Electrodes do not contain any latex. 150 electrodes per package. These electrodes have also been sold under the manufacturer part # DBF3D77

Single use, 10 mm flat pellet Ag/AgCl viewing area. Approximately 1 inch outside diameter. Can be used with any snap-on style electrode cable.

This product does not contain anything plant based or latex.

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  1. Marta

    2020-11-06 15:55:08

    what does GS26 mean? Is GS an acronym? Is 26 a standard size of electrode that can be purchased from various companies? Or is this size only made by this company.

    1 answer
    1. Brian Milstead

      2020-11-06 21:04:38

      GS refers to Gelled Sensor (GS). It is how we categorize some of our electrodes.

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  2. Lauriane Chalmin-Pui

    2020-11-06 11:34:45

    Do these electrodes adhere well to fingers? I am planning to use with the Empatica E4 and the 23cm lead wire. Thank you.
    Also, could I please have a quote for 6 packs of 150 electrodes? Thank you.

    1 answer
    1. Brian Milstead

      2020-11-06 21:05:53

      These can adhere to the fingers but I would suggest GS27150 as they seem to hold better on the fingers. It is also a gelled sensor.

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When attaching the electrode to the body, it is important to note potential problem areas such as dry skin, scar tissue, oils or makeup.

Cleaning the area, using ordinary rubbing alcohol and a paper towel will help to clean the area and make for a better contact. Excess noise and signal contamination may be caused by improper preparation.

Shaving may also be advisable to facilitate good contact. If that is not possible, cleaning and skin preparation may need to be more vigorous and you may need additional gel to bridge the gap between the hair and the sensor's measuring area.

Remember, most times your signal is only as good as your electrode and skin preparation.