Electro-Cap Tin Ear Electrodes - 9mm

  • Work with any size Electro-Cap
  • 9mm, pure tin, earclip cup electrodes
  • 48 inch lead wire
  • 1.5mm DIN connector
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Electro-Cap Tin Ear Electrodes, 9mm earclips (2/pkg). A pair of pure tin cup electrodes with a 48" (122 cm) lead wire and a 1.5mm DIN connector. A spring-clip back, covered with plastic for patient comfort, is used to hold the electrode in place. For use with Electro-Caps, Smart Brain Games and other systems that use tin ear electrodes Part # ECA E5-9S

These EEG ear electrodes work with any size Electro-Cap. Easy to use and apply to the ear. Can be used with any EEG system with 1.5mm DIN connectors.

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Ten20 paste is recommended for better electrode impedance.