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Neurofeedback For Tinnitus Suite for Procomp Infiniti

  • Based on up-training alpha/delta ratio amplitude
  • Assess, help normalize alpha & delta brainwave activity
  • 2 30-minute neurofeedback training protocols
  • For Procomp Infiniti, FlexComp
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Neurofeedback For Tinnitus Suite for the Biograph Infiniti software

The Neurofeedback for Tinnitus Limited Edition software suite is based on the published work of Dr. Dohrmann and her research group in Universit├Ąt Konstanz. The software is designed to assess and then help to normalize the activity of alpha and delta brainwaves by providing feedback of their ratios. The Limited Edition suite includes a collection of literature, samples of tinnitus questionnaires, sample data from a tinnitus client, and research notes. The Infiniti screen collection consists of several training screens, a report screen, an artifacting screen, signal verification and baseline screen, two basic scripts, and script instructions.

Works with:

  • Procomp Infiniti 8 Channel
  • Flexcomp in Procomp Infiniti mode (dip switch settings changed)

Channel Set

  • 1A. MyoScan-Pro 400
  • 1B. MyoScan-Pro 400
  • 1C. EEG-Z
  • 1D. EEG-Z
  • 1E. EEG-Z
  • 1F. EEG-Z
  • 1G. SC-Pro/Flex
  • 1H. Temp-Pro/Flex
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Manuals and Data Sheets

Tinnitus Suite Tech Sheet