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Pro Baseball Suite for Procomp Infiniti

  • Develop mind-body awareness, self-regulation skills
  • Stress Assessment & Training component
  • Reaction Time Assessment & Training component
  • For Procomp Infiniti, FlexComp
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Pro Baseball Suite for the Biograph Infiniti software. For use with the Thought Technology Procomp Infiniti 8 channel biofeedback system.

In this suite, training protocols progress from simple to complex skills development. The mind learns calm focus while the body memorizes its optimal relaxed state, and athletic performance is enhanced as a result. The ProBaseball suite includes a stress assessment along with excel reports, notes for quick data interpretation, and useful training tips. It uses a variety of physiological indicators: respiration, two EEG sensors, two EMG sensors, skin conductance, temperature, and a BVP or EKG sensor It is beneficial to pros as well as amateur baseball teams, and can also be used as a standalone stress assessment program.

Works with:

  • Procomp Infiniti 8 Channel
  • Flexcomp in Procomp Infiniti mode (dip switch settings changed)
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Manuals and Data Sheets

Pro Baseball Suite Tech Sheet


Pro Baseball Suit Channel Set

  • 1A MyoScan-Pro 400 (EMG)
  • 1B MyoScan-Pro 400 (EMG)
  • 1C EEG-Z
  • 1D EEG-Z
  • 1E SC-Pro/Flex
  • 1F Temp-Pro/Flex
  • 1G HR/BVP-Pro/Flex
  • 1H Resp-Pro/Flex
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