Reaction Time Suite for Thought Technology Infiniti

  • Continuous performance testing & reaction time training
  • 4 sections: RT Basic, RT Physiology, RT EEG, RT Sports
  • Supports push buttons, foot pedals, more
  • For ProComp 5, Infiniti, FlexComp
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The Reaction Time Suite includes both continuous performance testing (CPT) and real sports reaction time training. (For use with BioGraph Infiniti 5.1.1 or later, for ProComp5/ProComp8/FlexComp8) Part# SA7945

Requires A/V Sync and push button or foot switch.

Thought Technology’s Reaction Time Suite for the Biograph Infiniti Software features continuous performance testing (CPT) in parallel with EEG and peripheral physiology. Functionality ranges from very simple to highly advanced.

Continuous Performance Testing (CPT)

The Reaction Time Suite takes standard CPT protocols (single, variable and choice) to the next level by combining reaction time data with time-locked EEG and physiology data, to allow direct linkage of response type to mind and body activity. This allows analysis of individual events or categorized group averaged data, to compare EEG, EMG and physiology during correct and incorrect responses, or errors of omission and errors of commission. The suite also includes training capabilities and offers unprecedented accuracy.

Sports Reaction Time Training

The real sports reaction time protocols are designed for biofeedback training in sports that demand quick reactions to trigger events. It includes screens for baseball, tennis, soccer, track and field, ice hockey and more to train for higher batting averages, better serve returns, more accurate penalty kicks, faster starts, and higher face-off percentages. Features use of push buttons, foot pedals and even raw EMG sensors, to simulate real sports actions by using EMG from muscle contractions to respond to events! Highly accurate, time-locked EEG, physiology and EMG allow in-depth analysis of mind and body activity during sports reaction time training.

Reaction Time Suite features:

Performance Testing

  • Continuous performance testing (CPT) with single, variable and choice protocols
  • Time-locked EEG, EMG and physiology with event by event or group averaged analysis
  • Training component
  • Real-sports scenarios and protocols
  • The first of its kind: EMG-triggered responses
  • Highly accurate hardware-based timing
  • Programmable audio and visual events
  • Integrated web cam with frame-by-frame review functionality
  • Review and report screens, full statistics and trend graphs for comparison across sessions
  • Quick start favorites for fast, easy session recording

Reaction Time Assessment

  • Train reaction time using real-world sports scenarios: baseball, soccer, tennis, ice hockey, track & field and more
  • Aim for faster starts, more accurate penalty kicks, higher batting averages, better serve returns and higher faceoff percentages
  • Analyze EEG, HRV and physiology from single trials or view averages grouped by event type

Presentation Flexibility:

  • Audio, visual or mixed stimuli
  • Generic, non-text images in color or black & white
  • Simple graphic user interface: right click to change
  • Includes industry-standard IVA® and TOVA® images, and many others to choose from

The first of its kind: EMG-triggered responses.

  • Respond with activation of relevant muscle groups
  • Start with push button or foot pedal and evolve to EMG responses to bring athletic training to the next level
  • View average EMG responses to compare success and error profiles
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Anatomy of the Reaction Time Suite

The Reaction Time suite is made up of four sections, RT Basic, RT Physiology, RT EEG, and RT Sports.

Each section uses a specific set of sensors and provides channel sets created for those sensors. It has its own Quick Start Favorites that include assessment, training, review and report screens to be used with each channel set.

The type of encoder that you are using – ProComp5 Infiniti, ProComp Infiniti, or FlexComp Infiniti – determines which sections (and channel sets) that you use.

Section RT Basic RT Physiology RT EEG RT Sports
Encoder FlexComp Infiniti
ProComp Infiniti
ProComp5 Infiniti
FlexComp Infiniti
ProComp Infiniti
FlexComp Infiniti
ProComp Infiniti
FlexComp Infniti
(Only EMG triggered responses)
ProComp Infiniti
(Only push button and foot switch triggered responses)
Sensors TT-AV Sync
Push button(s)
TT-AV Sync
Push button(s)
Skin conductance
TT-AV Sync
Push button(s)
TT-AV Sync
Push button(s)
Foot switch
Skin conductance
EMG MyoScan
EMG MyoScan Pro
For more information on the Reaction Time Suite you can also see the manual under the support tab on this page. Pages 50-67 describe the various protocols that can be run using the Reaction Time Suite.

Manuals and Data Sheets

Reaction Time Suite Manual

System Requirements

View Computer Requirements for Thought Technology software (opens in a new browser tab)

  • Requires one of the following Thought Technology Systems - ProComp5/ProComp8/FlexComp8 w/BioGraph Infiniti 5.1.1 or later
  • Requires A/V Sync
  • Foot Switch or Push Button for reaction time
  • Can use any of the physiological sensors (EMG, Temp, GSR, HR, Resp or EEG) as well.

If using Procomp 5 only one channel of physiology can be recorded with reaction time assessment.

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