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Temperature Sensor for Procomp Infiniti

  • Temperature Sensor with 0.125 inch bead thermistor
  • Accuracy +/- 1.8 F, 68 - 104 degrees F
  • 60 inch (152cm) connection cable
  • For use with ProComp Plus, Infiniti, 2, 5, FlexComp
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ProComp Infiniti (SA9310M) Temperature Sensor has a bead tip and is a Protected Pin style with a 4 pin barrel connector which slides into a receptacle located on a Thought Technology Encoder.

The SA9310M temperature sensor is a 0.125 inch bead thermistor that can detect the temperature of the tissue (skin) on which it is applied. This temperature sensor is for use with Thought Technology ProComp Plus, ProComp Infiniti, ProComp 2, Procomp5, or Flexcomp series systems.

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The temperature sensor is called a thermistor. This device converts changes in temperature to changes in an electrical current. The body's peripheral temperature, as measured on its extremities, will vary according to the amount of blood perfusing the skin. This, in turn, is dependent on the state of sympathetic arousal. As a person gets stressed, their fingers tend to get colder. Relaxation training involves learning to voluntarily increase the finger temperature.

Peripheral temperature changes are fairly slow and do not have much amplitude.

The temperature sensor can be attached to the dorsal or palmar side of any finger or toe. If the thermistor is to be used on various parts of the body or among various people, remember to clean the thermistor with an alcohol wipe.

Operating Principle

The temperature sensor is a 0.125 inch bead thermistor that can detect the temperature of the tissue (skin) on which it is applied. Temperature changes as a function of the amount of blood per fusing the tissue. The arterioles supply blood to the tissue are surrounded by smooth muscle fibers that innervated by the sympathetic nervous system (SNS).

When sympathetically aroused, the muscles contract causing vasoconstriction and reducing the blood flow to the skin and producing a decrease in tissue temperature.

For psychophysiological monitoring, the temperature sensor is usually placed on a finger or toe pad and held lightly in place by a hook and loop fastener ring. The thermistor cable is then slid between the hook and loop fastener and skin so that the bead tip extends about 1/8 inch beyond the hook and loop fastener.

1 Year Warranty


1 Year manufacturer warranty.


  • Cable length: approximately 60 in (152cm)
  • Accuracy: +/- 1.8 F, ( +/- 1.0 C ), 68 - 104 degrees F (20 - 40 degrees C)
  • Size/Type: 0.125 in bead thermistor
  • Range: 50 115 degrees F, 10 45 degrees C
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