TT AV-Sync

  • Make measurements of A/V events produced by a PC
  • For evoked & slow cortical potentials, reaction testing
  • Produces highly accurate, time-locked trigger signals
  • ProComp 5, ProComp Infiniti & FlexComp Infiniti
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TTL T7670
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TT AV-Sync is a highly accurate time-synchronizing device for making measurements of audio and video events produced by a PC.It detects changes in light emitted from a LCD or CRT monitor as well as the presence of audio signal output.

The TT-AV Sync produces highly accurate, time-locked trigger signals which can be read by software through the ProComp 5, ProComp Infiniti and FlexComp Infiniti encoders.

AV Sync is used in evoked and slow cortical potential protocols, and reaction time testing to provide the ability to make measurements with millisecond accuracy.The AV Sync sensor is accurate to within 1 sample, and can be connected to any encoder input with 256 Hz sampling (maximum error 3.91 milliseconds) or 2048 Hz sampling (maximum error 0.49 milliseconds).

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Thought Technology is collaborating with a team of expert clinicians to develop the Advanced EP/SCP/RT Suite. Before it is released, this product is only available for two types of customers:

  • Either those who are proficient at using BioGraph Infiniti Developer Tools to develop their own channel sets, screens and scripts,
  • Or those who are unfamiliar with Developer Tools, but are willing to attend online courses to learn how to use this sensor.

An application suite for use with this sensor is currently under development. Customers are free to develop their own applications/protocols (channel set, screens and scripts) by using BioGraph Developer Tools or by joining a team of expert clinicians in online courses.

Please note that technical support specifically for developing these applications is not available from Bio-Medical Instruments or Thought Technology.

  • AV Sync sensor
  • AV Sync fiber optic cable kit
  • USB cable
  • Headphone
  • Installation CD
  • SA9385-M Sensor cable 49 (for connection of AV Sync sensor to encoder)
  • SA9385-12 Sensor cable 12 (for connection of AV Sync sensor to encoder)

System Requirements

View Computer Requirements for Thought Technology software (opens in a new browser tab)

  • Requires Reaction Time Suite
  • Video card: minimum 64 MB onboard hardware memory (128 or more is recommended)
  • Minimum 2 USB ports (one needed for TT-USB, one for AV Sync)
  • The use of two monitors is strongly recommended. Second monitor type: CRT is recommended but LCD is acceptable. LCD brightness should always be set to maximum to achieve maximum accuracy.


1 Year manufacturer warranty.

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