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Z-Score Neurofeedback Add-on for Infiniti - Version 6 and above - 2 Channel

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Dr. Thatchers' Z-Score Neurofeedback Database for the Infiniti EEG Suite v6.0 or higher. 2 channel.

Benefits of Z-Score Neurofeedback Add-on:
  • Real-time comparisons of 2-channel EEG to NeuroGuides normative database. Metrics include coherence, phase, amplitude asymmetry, relative power, absolute power and power ratios for eight different frequency bands.
  • Simple measure of progress is based on percent of time in condition.
  • In neurofeedback, this allows training directly using norms. In this approach, training will be towards 0 - i.e. closer to norm inso determine.
  • Can also be used in pre- and post- assessment for explicit connectivity training. In this approach, training can be directly on the metric, such as coherence, for example, whereas post-session analysis can include the Z-Score das post-session analysis can include the Z-Score deviations of coherence from norm, all within BioGraph Infiniti.
  • Faster results: in both the above cases, multiple operations are combined as the need to export data from BioGraph and send away for Z-Score assessments is eliminated. The power is all in one place, and the strategy is always the same: train towards norm.
Other BioGraph 6.0 new features related to connectivity training
  • Change Z-Score settings on-the-fly.
  • Range training made possible by dual threshold instruments. Instead of above or below threshold, dual thresholds provide feedback for inside or outside range, which is much more useful in connectivity training protocols. Feedback logic can be changed on-the-fly.
  • Industry-standard metrics for phase, and amplitude asymmetry to compliment our existing coherence metric.
  • Easier exporting to NeuroGuide software, such that BioGraph EEG data can be easily reviewed with all the analysis and reporting power of NeuroGuide beyond the Z-Scores.
  • Two-channel EEG cable for easier connections with common ground and reference. (In the future, with new ear clip: even more flexibility linked ears or single, clips or cups, etc)
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Computer Requirements

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Requires Procomp Infiniti v4.0 Software with EEG Suite.