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ProComp Infiniti Slow Cortical Potential Suite for v6.0

  • From a complex science, to a simple solution
  • Empower clients to gain control of their brain state
  • Peer-reviewed protocols
  • Research-grade accuracy
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The Slow Cortical Potential (SCP) suite is designed to help clinicians do specialized brainwave biofeedback using slow cortical potentials and implements a training protocol defined by pioneering researcher Ute Strehl at the University of Tubingen in Germany*.

From a complex science, to a simple solution.

Reliably extracting Slow Cortical Potentials from raw EEG is a complex science. Each event-triggered SCP must be measured with millisecond accuracy & properly controlled for artifacts. Anything less is simply unreliable. Using state-of-the-art technology, the SCP Suite ensures that recorded SCPs are of the highest quality.

  • Fully-automated program
  • Peer-reviewed protocols
  • Research-grade accuracy
  • Simple, affordable & easy-to-use system

Training EEG, bi-directionally!

The SCP Suite teaches self-regulation of Slow Cortical Potentials in both directions enabling learning of activation as well as inhibition of overall neural activity. The SCP Suite’s fully-automated & bidirectional protocols will empower your clients to gain confident control over their general brain state.

Review your progress, encourage your success

With each session of the program, print out your client’s detailed report to review their progress, each and every step of the way.

The suite was designed to present the material in a simple & accessible way, it nevertheless requires a strong understanding of EEG as well as clinical neurofeedback training & experience. It is therefore primarily intended for intermediate and advanced neurofeedback practitioners.

The SCP suite is compatible with Biograph Infiniti 6.04 and requires:

  • ProComp 5 or 8 Infiniti medical grade encoders
  • EEG-Z3 (T7680) sensor to record SCPs (in EP mode)
  • EEG-Z (T9305Z) sensor to monitor eye movement artifact
  • TT-AV-Sync (T7670) to synchronize audio stimulus events to the SCP trials

*Strehl et al. (2006) Self-regulation of slow cortical potentials: a new treatment for children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Pediatrics. 118(5):e1530-40.

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