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Stress Control Suite for Biograph Infiniti

  • Assess & track your clients' stress response patterns
  • 15-minute stress test and simple report
  • Teach your clients self-regulation & body awareness
  • For ProComp 2, 5, Infiniti
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TTL SA7955
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Use classic protocols and objective measures to teach your clients stress control and relaxation skill.

With the Stress Control Suite, you can easily and rapidly:

  • Assess and track your client’s stress response patterns using a 15-minute stress test and simple report.
  • Use simple biofeedback methods to teach your clients self-regulation and body awareness.
  • Teach your clients to rapidly and efficiently relax and return to baseline with classic, effective relaxation methods.
  • The Stress Control Suite works with the ProComp2, a medical grade physiological monitoring device, with easy to fasten skin conductance and peripheral temperaturesensors which give you direct measures of arousal and stress levels

Compatible with Procomp 2 and Procomp 5 & 8 (in Infiniti mode)

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Manuals and Data Sheets

Stress Control Suite Manual